MGS Thermal Emission Spectrometer Data Archive and PDS TES Data Node

We recommend that you review the documentation for the TES data products and TES database software before you start downloading all 200 GB of TES data. If you have additional questions, please contact us here

  • TES data is stored in time-sequential, binary tables described in the SDPSIS and PROCESS documents. These documents will help you identify the TES table types (ATM, BOL, GEO, IFG, OBS, POS, RAD, TLM) which contain the data that interests you most.

  • Before downloading the entire 10 years of TES data tables, try using the TES Data Tool to query data directly from this TES Data Archive.

  • If necessary, the Vanilla software to manipulate the TES data tables is available from here. We have attempted to provide Vanilla executables for all the current, most commonly used operating systems.


The format of the MGST Virtual Volume differs slightly from the individual CD-ROM volumes distributed by PDS. Except as noted below, the directory structure of the volume is unchanged and each subdirectory contains one copy of each file originally found on the individual MGST_# volumes.

  • Only the most recent copy of documents will be available in the Virtual Volume, older versions will not be maintained.

  • A global VOLDESC.CAT will be available to identify the entire Virtual Volume.

  • A cumulative version of the DATA/ENB.TXT and DATA/GEOMETRY.TXT will be available in the Virtual Volume. The ENB.TXT is split into two correlating texts: ENB_ORBIT.TXT and ENB_IMG.TXT.

  • The INDEX/INDEX.TAB will not be available in the Virtual Volume; all index information can be found in the INDEX/CUMINDEX.TAB.

  • The DATA/MARS subdirectory has been replaced by two subdirectories: DATA/MARS_BY_TABLE, and DATA/MARS_BY_VOLUME. The data in each is identical; the new structure is an attempt to accommodate the variety of preferences expressed by TES data users. The VAR.LBL is appropriate for data with which it is associated.

If you were looking for an anonymous FTP access point, then please contact us here for more information.